DER TOD KOMMT NACH VENEDIG - Die Farben von Liebe und Tod

DirectorJohannes Grieser

PhotographerEnzo Brandner


AgencyEpo-Film Produktionsges.m.b.h.

CastAlwara Höfels, Christopher Schärf, Filip Wyzinski, Roman Binder

ProductionP O L Y P H O N P I C T U R E S, Epo-Film

ProducerLine Producer Italy: Simonetta Di Fresco


Mestiere CinemaItaly production service


Under mysterious circumstances, the restorer Lukas Albrecht drowns in the Canale dei Marani in Venice. While the easy-going Commissario Santo sees no criminal offense, the victim's widow resents the details. Anna, who is traveling from Vienna with her eleven-year-old son, does not believe it was an accident.



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